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These Facebook Home optimizations are designed to enable better overall performance, lower power consumption and improved data efficiency for consumers using Facebook Home and Facebook for Android.
It can definitely take clue from its Facebook Home software, but has to come out with that social networking only gimmick.
Facebook Home was on obvious move to further engage users on mobile devices, and the recent addition of video to Instagram does the same thing.
If Facebook Home flies - and that's a pretty big if - Zuckerberg's freshly announced landgrab for Android owners' eyeballs, is going to create a lot of losers.
It is the only phone that has Facebook Home preloaded and optimized," HTC chief Peter Chou said while joining Zuckerberg at the event.
Start by going to "lists" on the left side of your Facebook home page (you may have to click on "more" to see it).
Upon checking my Facebook home feed yesterday, I was struck by pictures of men kissing.
Notifications for available translation tasks will appear on the user's Facebook Home Page.
The majority of the time I don't re-post the messages that come through my Facebook home page, but I do read them.
com/delta and also on the Facebook home page of thousands of fans via Alvenda's unique In-Stream Shopping[TM] features.
The tweaked Facebook Home displays clock and weather information on top of Cover Feed and provides users with customization options.