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Compared with other spectrum-dispersion devices, planar echelle gratings are more compact and potentially have a higher spectral finesse since they can accommodate a larger number of grating facets.
Therefore, the facets of the subword complex SC([Q.
Hearst defines facets as a [sic] "a set of meaningful labels organized in such a way as to reflect the concepts relevant to a domain.
The calculation time of the proposed method only depends on the number of facets that construct the target, so the proposed method can be very efficient for electrically large targets such as naval vessels at X-band frequencies.
Degeneration of the facets occurs in a manner that can be likened to the degenerative cascade of the intervertebral disc.
The facet joint blocks were performed under fluoroscopic guidance.
You can now find facets in systems delivered from longtime enterprise search vendors such as Autonomy as well as from relative newcomers such as Exalead.
The combination of all facets and values is often called a faceted taxonomy.
Soil landscape facets are a way of dividing a soil landscape into discrete sub-units, each containing a distinct soil type or suite of soil types (e.
So the objectives of the present study were to report the analysed morphological features and metrical values of superior articular facets of atlas vertebra.
Amana Bank has become the official banking partner of Sri Lanka Gem and Jewellery Association's event, FACETS.
As a counter measure, short versions of such scales have been proposed but these have been designed to assess the broad domains, thereby ignoring the individual facet scores and even excluding facets.