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On one occasion Bartholomeusz makes use of the theory of prima facie duties to provide a theoretical explanation for the views of informants.
Postal Service, such as priority mail and delivery confirmation, be permitted to establish prima facie evidence of delivery.
It is important to mention here that the show cause notice was issued to PPA after an enquiry report into possible anti-competitive behaviour in the poultry industry revealed that, prima facie, PPA and its committees regularly took decisions regarding pricing, production and sale of various poultry products thereby violating Section 4(1) read with Section 4(2) (a) & (b) of the ordinance.
The committee found a prima facie case for Kurt Sickelmore, registered student, to answer in relation to a complaint that he had stated on an employment application form that he was CIMA qualified when he was a registered student.
According to Robert Audi in his book Religious Commitment and Secular Reason, a citizen in a liberal democracy has a prima facie obligation to appeal only to secular reason or to be sufficiently motivated only by secular reason to support or oppose legislation or policy in the public arena.
So even truth telling is a prima facie ethical value--on the face of it one should tell the truth, but on further examination complexities of the situation suggest a more thoughtful response.
International criminal lawyer and extradition expert Michael Caplan QC said: "The public have got to realise that the Americans do not have to provide prima facie evidence any more.
The act requires plaintiffs to make a prima facie showing that actual physical impairment has occurred based on criteria specified in the bill for: a nonmalignant asbestos claim; if a smoker, an asbestos claim based upon cancer of the lung, larynx, pharynx, or esophagus; an asbestos claim based upon cancer of the colon, rectum, or stomach; silicosis claim; or other silica claim.
torture and impunity, I saw one phrase pop up in both: "prima facie evidence.
Direct reference theory faces serious prima facie counterexamples that must be explained away (for example, that it is possible to know a priori that Hesperus = Phosphorus).
The issue with which the court was confronted was whether a Nurse Practitioner's testimony was sufficient to make a Prima Facie case (under New York's Mental Hygiene Law) for a Court Order to administer the medication Lithium over a patient's objection.
Having spent 11 years working on this case in different forms, the families and their lawyers are satisfied we have now prima facie evidence of collusion and participation in the bombings.