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Because patients with factitious disorder are not easily studied, no particular treatment is well-supported in the literature.
Central to understanding factitious disorders and malingering are the explanatory models and beliefs used to provide meaning for both patients and doctors.
A factitious disorder (FD) involves the intentional falsification of physical or psychological signs or symptoms or the induction of injury or disease associated with identified deception even in the absence of obvious external rewards (1).
Factitious disorder as repeated diabetic ketoacidosis: a case report.
Factitious disorders are defined as self-injuring acts which lead to clinical damage of the organism.
Less comprehensive histories, such as those obtained during crisis or brief clinical services, may make it more difficult to distinguish between malingering and factitious disorder (Yates et al.
Identification and management of Factitious disorder by proxy.
This was possible in JD, but a degree of uncertainty lingered because he did not exhibit behavior typically seen with factitious disorder, and performance anxiety could conceivably account for the outcome on his vision tests.