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There are totally 7 links between nodes with different Rician fading channel and AWGN coefficients which three of them are direct links from [S.
For frequency-selective fading channel, using 1-dimensional DFT matrix is usually effective and reliable for signal reconstruction.
The average channel capacity of fading channel with received SNR distribution [p.
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From all of simulation results, it is obvious that modified MMSE equalizer is optimal that performs improved BER in MIMO wireless multipath fading channels among all of the equalizers presented in this paper.
and then transmits the signal to D through the fading channel [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
The channel model is constructed to simulate the multipath fading channel.
Further advantages of the proposed blind channel estimation are expected for a fast fading channel, for which it is known that non-blind channel estimation methods would require further increases in pilot symbols.
This thesis analyzed the performance of a turbo-coded OFDM system and the results are simulated in Rayleigh fading channel.
Like its predecessor, this second edition discusses in detail, coherent and non-coherent communication systems as well as a large variety of fading channel models typical of communication links found in the real world.