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Not only is this a very bizarre and obviously fallacious argument, but it also directly contradicts Rand's definition of value as "that which one acts to gain and/or keep.
In this case, my detractors are using fallacious arguments, lies.
Sheikh defend his position, resorting sometimes to fallacious arguments like when he says that 2M represents and defends the Moroccan culture, what is most outraging, is to see some fellow Moroccans arguing that the Minister has no right to reduce the ubiquitous presence of French on Moroccan media.
The American public, having been tricked by their fallacious arguments and cynical propaganda into the Iraq War, does not want to hear from them.
Morocco, under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, chairman of the Al-Quds committee, flatly rejects the Israeli fallacious arguments advanced to justify the development plan to build an archaeological park in this historic neighbourhood, it said.
Other fallacious arguments are that the WTO discussions involve "complex economic issues" and "affords protection against bullying by the wealthy.