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In the case of two sutras (Gautama and Vasistha) Olivelle gathered two new manuscripts of each from Nepal and also brought in the quotations of them in later dharmagastra literature; in the case of Vasigha he made use of a preliminary report of the results of Harry Falles gathering of new manuscripts of this text in preparation of a critical edition of it.
The Seconde Part of the Mirrour for Magistrates, like Gorboduc, is a text directly concerning political downfall, 'conteining the falles of the infortunate Princes of this Lande'.
For couples The city's Les Falles festival marks the arrival of spring with spectacular fireworks, marches and music from March 15 to 19.
And now my death changes the moode, for what in me, waspurchas'd, falles vpon thee, in a morefayrer sort so thou, the garland wear'st successiuely.