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The accurate attribution of OlympicDestroyer is still an open question -- simply because it is a unique example of the implementation of very sophisticated false flags.
What role should have been played by Pakistani media during Mumbai attacks, and what role should be played in future to safeguard against false flag operations by Indian establishment on Indian soil or anywhere in South Asia?
Anyhow, David Headley's involvement in the case lends credence to the perception that Mumbai attack was a false flag operation.
The reason appears to be that it was false flag operation planned by the RAW itself.
He posited, "It is quite probably that this was another false flag operation.
retribution, would be motivated to stage false flag attacks to draw in U.
False flag operations are not limited to war and counter-insurgency operations, and can be used in peace-time.
Providing an overview of historic conspiracy theories as well, the work examines topics such as false flag operations, debunkers and their motivations, verified government misdeeds and cover-ups and political ramifications of conspiracy theories.
History proves serious betrayals, like devastating false flag attacks and perpetual wars intended to profit shadowy insiders, spark a chord of outrage once clearly heard by Louis XVI, Czar Nicholas, and USSR Eastern Bloc thugs in their final hours.
False flag terror attacks have been the most effective methods of creating such conflicts.
Turkish Daily Taraf recently published a coup plot allegedly drafted by the 1st Army, aiming to drive the country into chaos with false flag operations.
If we ignore the book's false flag, though, and treat it simply as a semi-random selection of SF stories of interest both to aficionados and the general reader, then for the most part it is a triumph.