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The laughing fiend, who wore a variety of gruesome-looking different-coloured false eyes when he was free, is too stubborn to apologise, says his sister Kelly, 37.
And many species such as the Threadfin Butterflyfish and the Exquisite Butterflyfish have a dark spot, a false eye if you like, towards the rear.
POLICE killer Dale Cregan has accused prison bosses of breaching his human rights by forcing him to remove his black false eye during security searches.
She hires a tanner, a false eye lash technician, and a dermatologist among others.
Primary business: BEAUTY CARE False eye lashes, eye cosmetics, nail care, skin care
I will have to have a false eye in the future and I hate it when people look at me - they always stare at my eye.
Susie Henderson: "I've had a false eye for 61 of my 63 years.
She ran through the rain to her waiting car as she left the hairdressers in the city looking fully made-up with false eye lashes and heavy foundation.
As he rose to his feet, he would drop the false eye into the palm of a hand and place it on the table by his tumbler of whisky.
Olivia, a pupil at St Chad's Catholic Primary School, in Sedgley, is now a gregarious, adventurous nine-year-old, who loves to read Harry Potter despite her false eye and is cancer-free.
Commenting on the false eye witnesses' issue which Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah lately mentioned in his speech, he said "we are not in charge of the false witnesses.