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Family Litigation and Conflict over inheritances and family are increasing.
The hearing in London was presided over by High Court judge Mr Justice Mostyn, who specialises in family litigation.
FAMILY court judges in Wales and England "just don't know enough" about how adoption "works out" for some children, a senior judge who specialises in family litigation has said.
Having moved from commercial litigation to family litigation in the 1980s, I knew there had to be a better way to help families resolve their differences than traditional litigation.
As a result of more family litigation in 2006, the IRS became aware of the 1972 stock transfer to his children and after examination determined it was a taxable gift.
Mr Butt said in evidence that, when Rebecca Minnock did not achieve what she wanted to achieve in the family litigation, he and others took the view that Rebecca should go into hiding with Ethan to attract the attention of the press.
This study of family justice in England and Wales focuses on the work of the family judiciary in the lower courts, where the majority of family litigation occurs.
Financial grounds mainly stir family litigation here, because most of the husbands involved failed to manage their family affairs, provide proper accommodation, maintain it, pay rent, buy furniture, as well as (separate) custody-related issues.
With seven resolution accredited specialists in various areas of law including domestic abuse, children, financial provision, pensions and cohabitation disputes, the team has extensive experience of representing clients in the full range of family litigation.
Prior thereto, he served as a judge of the Provincial Court from 1993 to 2006 and developed an expertise in criminal and family litigation.
Simon Purkis, a barrister specialising in family litigation at Pump Court Chambers, said that the first weeks of the New Year typically see record numbers of individuals wanting to file for divorce and that a surprisingly high proportion of such complaints arise from relatively trivial domestic issues.
The public nature, voluminous and repeated production of documents, duration, acrimony and expense of family litigation are serious concerns for business owners.