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Bankruptcy, social collapse, famine, and pestilence had done nothing to damage these, and it was only to the great capitals and ganglionic centres, as it were, of this State, that positive destruction had come.
If there's going to be a famine, and it looks like it, we need every ounce of grub for ourselves.
Ever arose the increasing tale of famine on the Inside.
While the Great Famine (1959-61) is one of many famines throughout China's history, this does not undermine its significance in China's modern history.
Its concerns and subject matter reflect the mood of that time as does the inclusion of a section comparing the Irish Famine with contemporary famines, which was a topical issue in the late 1990s.
Researchers claim that this has been one of the worst famines in the past 25 years.
Reacting to the study's findings, Senait Gebregziabher, the country director of the British charity Oxfam, said famines "are not natural phenomena, they are catastrophic political failures.
Nally, 'How could one of the world's worst famines occur in the backyard of the world's most economically advanced nation?
According to scholars, there have been some 90 famines in India's recorded history, of which two-thirds took place when the subcontinent was a British colony.
Barry Tobin, of The Wales Famine Forum, Cardiff, said the service that remembers all Irish people connected with Wales, as well as the victims of today's famines, had been held for the past 10 years.
When compared to other global famines such as the Chinese Famine from 1958 to 1961, where an estimated 30 million died, the absolute numbers of deaths may seem small; however, when compared to the proportion of the population affected, the '91-92 Somalia famine is considered one of the worst of the 20th century.
This chain of famines leading to emergency aid from outside leading to more famines must stop.