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Unlike the CPN, the tibial nerve is not as vulnerable to injury due its better blood supply, larger number of fascicles and connective tissue, and lack of tethering.
Another adrenal tumor that presents with intersecting fascicles of spindle cells is a ganglioneuroma.
A change in lumbar curvature can alter fascicle obliquity, lever arm distance, and the length-tension relationships of the erector spinae (McGill et al 2000, Raschke and Chaffin 1996, Singh et al 2011, Tveit et al 1994).
Three sciatic nerves (left side of cadaver 1 [1L], left side of cadaver 2 [2L], right side of cadaver 2 [2R]) and their branches were sectioned to trace the fascicles from distal to proximal through the nerve.
The cost of the volumes is very heavily subsidized by The Packard Humanities Institute, so that each volume currently costs only US$20 to US$30 per fascicle.
Based on existing research results on Bionic needles, this paper has done further research with sucking fascicles of the insect, with mosquitoes and cicadas two kinds of insects as examples, observed the microstructure of fascicles by scanning electron microscope, found that the microstructure of the two kinds of insect differs either in size or shape, mainly due to different piercing target and different process of overcoming the piercing resistance.
Evidence suggests that the fascicular axons are topographically organised and in a sequence that partly reflects the position of their sub-nuclei of origin in the oculomotor complex ie the parasympathetic axon fascicles are most superior, followed by somatic axons to the IR, IO, MR and SR, with fascicles going to the LPS being the most inferior.
ovate-lanceolate), the basal ones distinctly shorter than to equaling the fascicles (vs.
The Bussho fascicle of Dogen's Shobogenzo begins with the following line:
The cases must have been seen before 1831 when Carswell left Paris and published in fascicle form in 1837 and in book form in 1838.
comprised thirty fascicles, and the two major Southern Song