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further as Cartas (Evora)]; and John Hay, De rebus Iaponicis, Indicis, et Pervanis epistolae recentiores a Ioanne Hayo Dalgatiensi Scoto Societatis Iesu in liberum unum coaceruatae (Antwerp: Martini Nutij, 1605; Nara: Tenri Central Library, 1977, fascimile ed.
Consequently, if cinema is to be able to serve its educative and psychological functions, the observer's experience needs to be more than a diverting pastime; the images viewed must be an encounter with a reliable fascimile of reality.
For a good fascimile of manuscript CSZR III, see Land 1875, pl.
Various departments of the University of Ottawa participated in the production of the fascimile.
Any reader of the very long Clarissa (in the 1990 fascimile of The Clarissa Project's third edition, eight separate volumes of text and 3,029 pages) almost always stumbles over the problems caused by its size.