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The atherosclerotic lesion typically comprises fatty streaks that later develop into fibrous plaques.
J, 'Dietary Conjugated Linoleic Acid Reduces Plasma and Lipoprotein Cholesterol and Aortic Fatty Streak Formation in Hypercholesterolemic Hamsters', 87th AOCS Annual Meeting, Indianapolis, IN, 29A, 1996.
White cells congregate at the site of the injury, becoming engorged with fat molecules and forming the first signs of atherosclerosis--the fatty streaks that develop as early as the teenage years (SN: 1/20/90, p.
Most of the cholesterol in a fatty streak lesion is not in the muscle [of the artery wall], but in cells that come from circulating monocytes," says Steinberg.
And half of kids now have fatty streaks in their arteries and that is literally the early stage of heart disease.
90) Fuchs et al modified Goutallier's original classification scheme of fatty infiltration to MRI--describing the proportion of fatty streaks and replacement relative to muscle.
Oryzanol decreases cholesterol absorption and aortic fatty streaks in hamsters.
South African studies indicated that early lesions such as fatty streaks were common in black South Africans, but levels of more advanced lesions were lower than those reported for white South Africans, black and white Americans, and European populations.
Hamsters develop fatty streaks in the walls of their arteries in a similar way to humans, which is a sign of heart disease.