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Try to realize the scene, the shabby red-painted wineshop, the smell of wine, the yells of merriment; try to feel that you are really in the faubourg, among old people, working men and poor women giving themselves up to a night's enjoyment.
Vendredi, l'alliance arabo-kurde s'etait emparee d'importants silos dans les faubourgs sud de la ville.
Les combats font egalement rage dans les faubourgs de Sadad, commune voisine de Mahin oo vivent de nombreux chretiens.
Did the faubourgs of Perpignan share common characteristics with those of Poitiers?
Merriman argues that the working class faubourg usually identified with the second half of the nineteenth century must be located within the period of great economic change during the first part of the nineteenth century.
Les citoyens habitant plusieurs quartiers de Constantine, en particulier ceux des faubourgs, ont constate avec etonnement une hausse des tarifs des places de taxi.