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The transaction marks the largest syndicated loan for Favorita and successfully broadens the companyos pool of bank relationships.
The experimental design was completely randomized, consisting of treatments to one variety of soybean (BRS Favorita cultivar, semi-early) and to one variety of bean (BRS Pontal cultivar from the Carioca commercial group, with a semiprostrate growth habit) with four repetitions.
Favorita is a hybrid red cherry tomato that Tom describes as about as sweet a fruit as any he's ever tasted.
Para ello hemos planteado una investigacion descriptiva de tipo cualitativo a traves de la tecnica de la entrevista, que como es sabido, es la herramienta metodologica favorita del investigador cualitativo (Fontana y Frey, 2000:646).
Or if you prefer the seafood option there is Theo's Favorita (pounds 9.
The La Favorita Fish Chocolate Egg Tagliatelle isn't as sweet as you'd expect.
Mojica frequently lent his talents to benefit concerts of other special performances, such as the "Mexican Night" held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles in June 1931, during which he performed the aria "Spirto gentil" (Fair Spirit) from Donizetti's opera La favorita (The Favored One), as well as Mexican songs.
The offenders soaked both the ground floor La Favorita restaurant and two storeys of Gem's above in petrol before fleeing at about 1am yesterday.
In addition to the Aria with 36 Variations, Rampe now gives us two multi-sectional toccatas (99 and 45 measures in length), a multi-sectional capriccio on the bergamesca (149 measures), a set of eight Partite sopra l'aria favorita, plus a brief courante and toccata, all of "certain authenticity.
For more on this, see Jose-Luis Herrero Ansola, The United Nations in Kosovo: Finding the Path Through the Maze, Favorita Papers, Diplomatische Academie Wien, April 2001, p.
T Best (7)80 006 MI FAVORITA (7)Miss K Milligan 5-10- 6.
Favorita predicts multiples will buy fruit direct and even invest in ripening facilities