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color) Tom Ardolino is the owner of Frame of Mind Pictures, a custom framing business in Glendale that he hopes to parlay into a feature films company.
Now known as Telefilm Canada, the CFDC was founded--in the finest Canadian traditions of the "mixed economy"--to invest public money in a fledgling private sector Canadian film industry to create, with varying degrees of success, a reasonably constant level of production of Canadian feature films.
In 2011, imported feature films created a value of $4,318 million for European broadcasters.
9 percent overall during the month due to the influx of feature film activity as well as television projects.
Bill Davidson did not direct another feature film for almost 20 years.
Montreal producer Rock Demers establishes Les Productions La Fete to make Tales for All, a series feature films for children.
City Lights creates, markets and distributes hundreds of hours of television programming for major cable networks, produces exclusive content for broadband and hand held digital devices, in addition to developing, producing, acquiring and distributing feature films and special interest fare.
Location feature film production plunged 41 percent annually in the Los Angeles area during April, according to figures released Friday by the Entertainment Industry Development Corporation.
Virgo has spent the past five years developing a second feature film, Love Come Down.
Pink Sheets:IPEI) President James Hergott announced today that the company has hired Rosemary Welden as the Casting Director for its feature film, "Never Submit.
Feature film production in Los Angeles had its busiest month of the year in May with such new films as George Clooney's ``Solaris'' shooting and cameras continuing to roll on major studio fare including ``The Hulk'' and ``Daredevil,'' according to May statistics released Thursday by the Entertainment Industry Development Corp.
With a number of features to its credit, Shaftesbury was well aware of the challenges involved in getting feature films on Canadian screens.