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By now, she's done fecal transplants on well over 100 patients.
Davis sits on the board of directors of the Fecal Transplant Foundation and is on the editorial board of the Natural Medicine Journal.
diff for months before undergoing EvergreenHealth's first fecal transplant in 2012, saw the benefits of the treatment firsthand.
12) Even without large-scale rigorous investigations of fecal transplants, the medical community appears to be coming around to the practice.
Fecal transplants can be performed in a number of ways.
In the study, fecal transplants quickly cured 15 of 16 people of a debilitating illness caused by a very nasty and stubborn bacteria called Clostridium difficile that antibiotics couldn't cure.
You will never be able to eat everything you want and compensate with fecal transplants or probiotics," Keller says.
Some scientists wonder if fecal transplants from the lean to the fat might treat obesity, too.
Until recently, fecal transplants have been on the fringes of mainstream medicine," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Dr Cliff McDonald, an epidemiologist with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as saying.
The therapy, known as fecal transplants, bacteriotherapy, or human probiotic infusion, has entered the limelight in recent years, not only because its gross factor makes great headlines, but in great part because of the growing epidemic of a particularly toxic strain of Clostridium difficile (C.