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Several protesters testified in the hearing about their efforts to keep the plaza clean during the demonstration, saying they never smelled feces and went to great lengths to pick up any litter or debris in the area.
The exchanges do not indicate how DPS determined that there were 18 containers of suspected feces and one of suspected urine, the numbers reported in a press release by the department's public information office on July 12.
We determined mean coliform bacteria concentration in feces and soil by dispersing 0.
Feces donors included 15 healthy volunteers aged 60 years and older who were screened for numerous potentially transmissible diseases.
Previous studies have characterized the biophysical properties (morphology, organic content, and so forth) of biodeposits such as pseudofeces and feces produced under natural conditions by various mussel species to assess the potential impacts of mussel culture (e.
After determination of fresh weight, feces were prepared for protein assay as for whole termite samples.
There was not a place that you could stand that you were not standing in feces," Officer Julie Berry wrote in her report.
Enterobacter sakazakii isolates obtained from the American Type Culture Collection, North Dakota bison and bovine feces, and one clinical isolate from a neonatal meningitis case were used from our laboratory.
For the most part, the people who have come down with this bird flu have been in long, sustained contact with the feces and respiratory secretions of infected birds," says John El-Attrache, an avian virologist at Texas A&M University.
The feces samples were taken from one of four ranches suspected To be the source the contamination.
The court also found genuine issues of material fact as to whether corrections officers used excessive force against a jail inmate by placing her in a restraint chair after she allegedly threw urine and feces from her cell.
The threat isn't from contamination of raccoon feces with rabies virus.