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The Federal Highway Administration provides financial assistance to states for developing and maintaining trails and trail facilities.
A total of 1,068 Americans died in work zone accidents during 2004, according to the Federal Highway Administration, up from 1,028 the year before.
Yet, Los Angeles has fewer road-miles per person than any other large urbanized area except Honolulu, Hawaii, and San Juan, Puerto Rico, according to the Federal Highway Administration.
Emergency Relief Restoration funds from the Federal Highway Administration will relieve 88 percent of the city's costs for engineering and design services for the project, which calls for a permanent barrier along the river embankment to prevent floods on a walking trail, Soledad Canyon Road and Saugus Speedway property, said city engineer Christopher Price.
CO: Federal Highway Administration ST: District of Columbia IN: TRN SU: EXE
Despite popular misconceptions that high speed limits lead to more incidents, the city staff countered that a 1992 study by the Federal Highway Administration found evidence indicating otherwise.
Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, 202-366-0660.
He served as a subconsultant to AASHTO on maintenance of the LRFD specifications and to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) on training course development for LRFD design of highway bridge substructures.
Also in 2003, the Federal Highway Administration received input from the CMRA to make sure concrete recyclers were included in that agency's studies on overcoming barriers to using recycled concrete as a highway material.
The Texas institute, part of Texas A&M University, used Federal Highway Administration and state highway department data to rank how motorists are slowed during peak rush hours compared with the rest of the day.
Roundabouts have up to 90 percent fewer fatalities and up to 76 percent fewer injury accidents than intersections, according to the Federal Highway Administration.
His list of clients includes the Federal Highway Administration and the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.

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