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noun balance, bonus, excess, expletive, glut, leavings, margin, nimiety, overabundance, overage, overflow, overmeasure, overplus, overrun, oversupply, redundance, redundancy, remainder, residue, residuum, spare, superabundance, superfluity, superplus, surfeit, surplusage
Associated concepts: accumulated surplus, distribution of surplus, surplus after sale, surplus goods, surplus income, surplus of proceeds, transfer to surplus
See also: balance, bonus, boom, excess, excessive, expendable, needless, net, overage, plethora, profuse, prosperity, redundancy, redundant, remainder, residual, residuary, superfluous, surfeit, unnecessary

SURPLUS. That which is left from a fund which has been appropriated for a particular purpose; the remainder of a thing; the overplus the residue. (q.v.) See 18 Ves. 466.
     2. The following is an example of a surplus; if a thing be put in pledge as a security to pay one hundred dollars, and it be afterwards sold for one hundred and fifty dollars, the fifty dollars will be the surplus. Wolff, Inst. Sec. 697. See Overplus; Residue.

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Jeffrey Simpson wrote in The Globe and Mail that yes, perhaps Ottawa should direct some of the federal surplus Ontario's way given how much the province has contributed to the country.
During the past four years, a late 1990s recession and tax cuts vaguely intended to attack it have transformed a large federal surplus into a huge federal deficit.
It's understandable that the economic slump our economy has been going through, the launching of a war on terrorism on our home ground as a result of 9/ 11, and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have quickly depleted the federal surplus we were enjoying.
Other agencies within the OSS included print and graphics services, mail and delivery/materials management services, state and federal surplus, and the consolidated print center.
In fact, the Federal surplus will likely disappear by 2002.
The loss of federal revenue as a result of this bill badly hurts its chances for early passage, given the evaporating federal surplus.
We're also assuming that concerns about the federal surplus will be put on the back burner for the time being, allowing more fiscal stimulus to be put in place.
Future federal revenues are less than anticipated due to a weakening economy, which has resulted in a shrinking federal surplus, while increased funding demands could force dipping into the Social Security Trust Fund.
Second, if the federal surplus isn't as large as predicted, the tax cut could create a deficit, which means you could end up paying that $180 or more if taxes go back up later.
With the big federal surplus, you would think they would provide some relief.
Supervised around-the-clock by correctional officers, inmates live in insulated federal surplus tents in the forest about 30 miles from Bend.
Only months ago, federal forecasters seemed to agree that we would pay enough taxes to produce a $992 billion federal surplus over the next 10 years.

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