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A joining together of states or nations in a league or association; the league itself. An unincorporated association of persons for a common purpose.


noun affiliation, alliance, amalgamation, association, centralization, coalition, combination, combine, concert, confederacy, confederation, cooperation, federal union, integration, league, merger, organized body, pool, syndicate, unification, union
Associated concepts: labor federation, unincorporated association
See also: alliance, association, body, cartel, chamber, coaction, coalescence, coalition, committee, compact, company, confederacy, consolidation, contact, contribution, cooperative, corporation, enterprise, integration, league, merger, organization, partnership, pool, society, sodality, syndicate, union
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The former lawmaker also proposed the creation of 12 federal states, five of which are in Luzon, four in the Visayas and three in Mindanao.
The Federal States of Northern Mindanao, Southern Mindanao and the Bangramoro would compose Mindanao's federal states.
The Federal State of Central Luzon covers region III while the Federal State of Southern Tagalog covers region IV-A.
The Federal State of Bicol covers region V while the Visayas will have four: Central, Western, Minparom, and Western Federal States.
But we have agreed in principle that there should not be more than eight federal states," said CPN-UML Chairman Jhala Nath Khanal, who is involved in the inter-party negotiation.
We believe dividing the country to many federal states would lead to fragmentation.
IP culture and tradition are protected and respected under the federal state.
When we adapt a federal state, we must include the IPs protection as well as of their ancestral domain, said Pimentel who is acknowledged as the father of the LGC.
For the federal system will devolve practically all the major powers of government-but for a relative few that deal with national concerns-and the funds needed therefor to the federal states.
Here are examples of matters that would still be left to the jurisdiction of the national federal government: 1) maintenance and preservation of the nation's security that would be addressed mainly by the Armed Forces of the Republic; 2) enforcement of national law and order against offenses by its national police; 3) maintenance of one monetary system by its central bank; and 4) implementation of its national educational system by the Department of Education and the Commission on Higher Education-subject to modifications to suit the peculiar needs especially of the indigenous peoples in the federal states concerned.
companies to shake their international lethargy and board in investment bandwagon in the new federal states.
S-German economic intergration regarding the new federal states, and you've argued that NATO should maintain a central role in Europe.

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