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Built on Sherpa's federated database technology, the industry's most robust and scaleable data server, SherpaWORKS supports Windows NT 4.
Bentley BIM aggregates existing documents and data that hold mission-critical facility information, forming a federated database that is visualized through IFMs.
25 /PRNewswire/ -- Sherpa Corporation today announced the availability of its Sherpa/Server with support for the Federated Database Architecture.
Initially, the Grid will link a large federated database of mammograms shared by St.
Accessing the Objectivity/DB federated database is accomplished with an EJB.
The data objects are stored in an Objectivity/DB federated database powered by over 100 servers (40 user data servers and 60 lock or journal data servers).
He advocates for semantic hegemony, including federated databases and semantic heterogeneity that is the norm, He offers examples of an ontological representation language and other applications, then provides ideas about a number of complex projects involving a web ontology language called "OWL," including subclasses and subproperties, formal upper ontologies, quality, uses of ontology, representation of ontology, predicates, and topic maps.
Content searchers are important as well, for while federated databases use software to integrate different database formats, content searchers go out to a variety of content sources to return pattern matches.

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