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Inclusive feminist theory supports changes to the negative perceptions about unmarried heterosexual women.
Theorists like Jacques Derrida, Michel Foucault, and Jacques Lacan had a major impact on feminist theory in the academy (Hesse-Biber et al.
Wilson begins in somewhat familiar territory, returning, as so much feminist theory has done, to Freud, but this time to Freud as biologist of the mind--the Freud interested in the spinal ganglia of the lamprey and the neurological/psychological economies of conversion hysteria and male neurasthenia.
It is a fascinating example of the assault from within a discipline that feminist theory can provide.
Part I presents a brief introduction to the main elements and themes of MacKinnon's argument, particularly as they are synthesized and developed in Toward a Feminist Theory of the State.
The Third Body allows Cixous to refer to her own critical work--the French feminist theory of writing the body.
Its two parts encompass quite different content, goals, and writing styles, unified by the author's careful application of her interpretation of feminist theory.
Drawing upon selected philosophical and Christian feminists, her focus is the intersection between feminist theory and contemporary feminist theo-ethics that is dissatisfied with forms of liberalism, postmodernism, and traditional natural-law theory informing moral inquiry.
The logical leap from deconstructionist feminist theory to FDA regulations and breast implants was a little hard to follow.
Scheming Women highlights an institutional, structural problem in academic criticism that feminist theory shows little tendency, even in the mid-1990s, of being able to overcome: disciplinary discussion of canonical authors leads to more and more disciplinary discussion of the same canonical authors.
Feminist theory becomes, then, a project of analyzing that situation in order to face it for what it is, in order to change it.
feminist theory and practice in social work and community services