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To accomplish this we use a proprietary fermentation process.
A rose wine is created when the red grape skins are removed from the juice early in the fermentation process.
The process is started with a natural sourdough "mother" using grapes, and needs a lengthy fermentation process to bring out its intense flavour.
The main ingredient is myco-protein, a member of the mushroom family, which is grown using a natural fermentation process just like beer or yoghurt so it is not a product of genetic modification.
DuPont, Wilmington, DE, has successfully manufactured a critical ingredient for its newest polymer, Sorona, using a fermentation process based on corn sugar, a renewable resource.
These heavy-lead compounds are absorbed by wine (and not by water) because they bind to the ethanol produced naturally during the fermentation process.
Company Achieves Development Milestone towards a Feedstock Flexible Fermentation Process
The company successfully demonstrated its fermentation process for bio-based acrylic acid (or BioAcrylic) at the 3,000-liter scale.
The product blends beneficial metabolites produced through a proprietary multi-stage fermentation process called MetaGen4, using all-natural, nutritional yeast.
The team at CLH brings us expertise in molecular biology, strain development, and fermentation process technology.
With a slow, lengthy wild yeast fermentation, it is more difficult to predict the outcome, positive or negative, because the winemaker does not know which yeast strains are active in the fermentation process.
The brand was made with Alberta-grown two-row barley malt and through a controlled mashing and fermentation process.