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Fermented beverages (foods) are exempt from acidified foods canning regulations.
The increased--acidity and simultaneous drop in pH have been documented in other African fermented beverages [4, 8, 19].
An early consumption of fermented beverages since the beginning of the Neolithic has been argued by Whittle (1996).
Exported bulk wine declined 22 percent to $34 million; champagne and sparkling wine totaled $28 million; dessert wine, $24 million; and grape must and other fermented beverage exports, $25 million.
Moving on to the drink menu, McGovern says, "I was especially interested in trying to recreate the fermented beverage.
Results from the microbiological analysis of the Ethiopian fermented beverage, borde, reported an average aerobic mesophilic count [AMC], LAB and yeasts counts of 9.
The Sumerians grew barley, from which beer can be made, and Sumerian writings indicate that beer served as their "preferred fermented beverage," McGovern says.
The Dogfish Head Brewery Beer Dinner, in association with Ale Street News, began with attendees enjoying a tasting of Chateau Jiahu, a modern interpretation of the world's oldest fermented beverage, unearthed from a 9,000 year-old tomb in China.
Earlier this year, two researchers advised wine lovers to sip from ordinary glasses, since leaded crystal may leach lead into the fermented beverage (SN: 1/26/91, p.
Wince residues in clay jars and a wine-marking apparatus document that people produced the fermented beverage almost half a millennium earlier than experts thought, says Patrick E.
Coca-Cola to Import Russian Fermented Beverage to the U.