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Figure 1 shows the behavior of the soluble solids of fermented milk beverages prepared with different mass ratios of a mixture of whey and whole or skim milk.
casei in the commercial fermented milk product revealed that when population P was plotted against time t, the relationship reflects a zero-order rate mechanism (Figure 2a) as justified by the value of the coefficient of determination close to 1.
Studies have established that fermented milk such as mursik and Kule naoto culture consist of different bacterial and yeast species referred to as "probiotic" and according to WHO are "live microorganisms which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host" [12,13].
Mishti Doi is a fermented milk product with yellowish or creamish color with firm consistency, smooth texture and pleasant aroma (Raju and Pal, 2009).
The SBMFM was prepared by mixing fermented milk (72 h post-cultivation) with soybean meal at proportion of 1 mL: 1 kg (fermented milk product: soybean meal) and fermented for 3 days.
This report is the result of Canadean's extensive market research covering the Fermented Milk market in East Europe.
One possibility, Michaelsson surmises, is that fermented milk products "might render a better bacterial profile in the intestines.
The quality, nutritional value, therapeutic and prophylactic properties of fermented milk products directly depend on the used microorganisms' strains.
Several types of fermented milk products have been reported to exist throughout the world (Stanley, 1998; Tamime, 2002).
The Ministry to the rescue of the industry has instituted urgent interim measures to restrict the quantity of fresh, Extended Shelf Life (ESL), Ultra High Temperature (UTH), milk, buttermilk, curdled, yoghurt and other fermented milk being imported in the country.
Product analysis is broken down into 30 categories: packaged water, bulk/HOD water, carbonates, juice, nectars, still drinks, squash/syrups, fruit powders, iced/rtd tea drinks, iced/rtd coffee drinks, sports drink, energy drinks, hot tea, hot coffee, beer, sorghum beer, cider, spirits, wine, fortified wine, sake, rice wine, FABs, dairy drinks (white milk, fermented milk, drinking yogurt, flavoured milk, soymilk, evaporated and condensed milk).
Fermented milk products are known to have potential activity against gastro-intestinal infections, food-borne pathogens and food-borne spoilage micro-organisms.