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At the end, a number of people's opinions had been swayed but, still, twice as many people agreed with Wilson as agreed with Ferrar.
WILLING VOLUNTEERS: Hannah Ferrar, left, and brother and sister Peter and Louise James will help with the appeal
Barbour chooses three diverse cultural sites for showing these reassessments of religious heroism: the court of Charles I, the Little Gidding home of the Ferrar family, and Great Tew, the Oxfordshire intellectual community presided over by Lucius Cary, second Viscount of Falkland.
THE READER: Student, Kate Ferrar, 22, from Abbingdon in Oxfordshire told us: ""My hair and make-up makes me feel older than I am.
Sandy Ferrar, spokesman for Scottish Airports, said: "There has been no dramatic increase in people taking last-minute breaks this weekend.
A Small Place by Jamaica Kincaid Ferrar Straus and Giroux, April 2000 $10.
Albino," for example, deals with local politics, as Ben Jamel promotes an albino candidate, Ferrar, in order to solve the racial problem whereby Indians vote for Indians and Africans for Africans.
That development has its down side: "We built a seaside resort and the beach disappeared," says Ferrar.
The current trustees of the Foundation are Michael Kaiser, Geoffrey Kent, Sallie McKinney and Leslie Ferrar.
Three members of the original line-up - Ted Crum, Phil T Ferrar and Jem Patterson - - have developed a new repertoire of songs and tunes with powerful harmonies and great musicianship.
Big Data in HR: Driving Improvements from Insights, Jonathan Ferrar, vice president, human resources, workforce analytics, IBM