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Uncertain gestational age is an important cause of pregnancy morbidity, being linked to missed diagnosis of fetal growth impairment, iatrogenic preterm delivery and unnecessary labour induction for suspected post-dates pregnancy, leading to increased use of caesarean section.
While the biological mechanism by which exposure to pollution causes lower birth weights are not fully understood, the scientists speculate that several factors could play a role, including maternal inflammation, altered placental function, and reduced nutrient delivery to the fetus, which may impede fetal growth.
With Alexander's nomogram, newborns were classified as appropriate for gestational age (AGA; weight at 10%-89% for GA) or SGA, which were categorized into three groups: no growth ultrasound (US) in third trimester; US in the third trimester but no diagnosis of fetal growth restriction (FGR); and diagnosed as FGR antenatally.
Caption: Photo by Real444, courtesy iStockphoto New standards for fetal growth and newborn size can ensure that all babies, such as this one, are healthier later in life.
Customised growth centiles based on individual fetal growth potential enhance our ability to differentiate between physiological and pathological growth derangements.
5) To answer the question "does developmental exposure to PFOA affect fetal growth in humans?
In this study, Sildenafil with fetal growth restriction was used in an attempt to induce vasodilatation and improve uteroplacental perfusion resulting in improved Doppler indices.
The study was based on follow-up of the Western Australian Pregnancy (Raine) Cohort, which began in 1989-91 with the enrolment of 2900 mothers during pregnancy; their babies had regular assessment from birth, which included fetal growth measurements.
Prenatal smoking has been implicated in up to 25% of low birth weight infants primarily from preterm birth and fetal growth restriction and up to 10% of all infant mortality.
He says: "We showed that women exposed to long periods of standing had lower fetal growth rates for fetal head circumference, resulting in a reduction in the average head circumference at birth of approximately 1cm.
Preterm birth (PTB) and fetal growth restriction are leading risk factors of neonatal morbidity and mortality.
NEW ORLEANS -- The use of potent or very potent topical corticosteroids in pregnancy is associated with a significantly increased risk of fetal growth retardation, according to a very large population-based cohort study.