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The ventilator parameters were as follows: Fio2 of 0,30, pressure support of 10 cmH20 above the level of applied PEEP, a PEEP of 5 cmH20; and a ventilator rate of four assisted mandatory breaths per minute.
the greater the FIO2, the more rapid the absorption rate.
This prevents loss of PEEP, fiO2, and Vt during catheter cleaning and doesn't interrupt Conventional, Jet or Oscillatory Ventilation during catheter change-out.
Food and Drug Administration for the Hi-Ox80 Disposable High FiO2 Oxygen Mask, used for the treatment of patients who require greater than 80% oxygen.
Low diffusion states will have a low ratio of arterial oxygen in relation to a given FiO2.
In sequence, we increased FiO2 to 100 percent, increased PaCO2, increased mean arterial pressure, increased pump flow, increased anesthetic depth, administered nitroglycerin, and transfused packed red cells if hematocrit was less than 20 percent.
Data entry on the hand-held unit has been expanded beyond patient and user identification numbers to include patient temperature, blood type (arterial, venous, capillary, and mixed venous) and FIO2.