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[Latin, Let it be done.] In old English practice, a short order or warrant of a judge or magistrate directing some act to be done; an authority issuing from some competent source for the doing of some legal act.

One of the proceedings in the English Bankruptcy practice: a power, signed by the lord chancellor and addressed to the court of bankruptcy, authorizing the petitioning creditor to prosecute his complaint before that court. By the statute 12 & 13 Vict., c. 116, fiats were abolished.

Arbitrary or authoritative order or decision.


noun authoritative order, authorization, command, decree, decree having the force of law, dictate, direction, edict, enactment, hest, imperium, imposition, instruction, iussum, judgment, mandamus, mandatum, order, prescript, prescription, pronouncement, regulation, rule, sanction, ukase, warrant
See also: brevet, canon, declaration, decree, dictate, direction, directive, edict, enactment, law, license, mandate, monition, order, ordinance, permit, precept, proclamation, pronouncement, requirement, writ


let it be done.
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Fiat Group also owns 100 percent of Maserati and 85 percent of Ferrari.
Sergio Marchionne, Chief Executive Officer of Fiat Group Automobiles, has said he foresees a consolidation in the car industry.
Speaking at the launch of the New Delhi offices, Fiat Group executive committee member and chief executive officer of Fiat Group Purchasing Italy, Gianni Coda, said "Good faith, loyalty, fairness, transparency and respect for the group's fundamental values are the guidelines that inspire and guide the relationship with the suppliers system in Fiat Group.
Fiat Group management decided, in March 2005, to create a sector under which would be concentrated all research, development and production activities of engines and powertrain components produced within the Fiat Group.
The Fiat Group plans to lift vehicle sales by another 200,000 in 2008.
The Fiat 500's success marks the 12th time the Fiat Group have won the coveted title.
HAVING spent a large part of my career lambasting the Fiat group for poor cars and shoddy service (they once called me a Brylcreemed shit), I'm duty-bound to say the change I'd always hope for isn't just on the horizon, it's breaking down the door.
According to Fiat, this supply of NG heavy engines is the largest ever made by Fiat Group.
Together, Nuvera said the partners will be the exclusive supplier of the new fuel cell powertrain to the Fiat Group, which includes Fiat Auto, IVECO and Case New Holland.
The Fiat group ( which also makes industrial and agricultural machinery ( has been struggling with its under-performing car division for a number of years.
We have decided that from January 1, 1999, the euro will be the official currency used throughout the Fiat Group, although, obviously, we'll use the Italian lira as well for our accounts.
Paragon announced that it has won two major contracts with Fiat Group Automobiles UK.