fiduciary currency

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Customer fiat currency is deposited in a New York State chartered bank and eligible for FDIC insurance, subject to applicable limitations.
It is ironic that the likely imminent collapse of the world's current fiat "reserve currency" is being used as excuse to implement a global fiat currency.
By introducing asset backed-tokens to Bitcoin blockchain technology, Tether facilitates value exchange, such as fiat currency and commodities, without traditional transaction fees or banking infrastructure.
By "pure fiduciary currency" he meant an irredeemable or fiat currency.
With greater freedom of international trade, however, a competing foreign currency may provide the discipline that keeps the domestic fiat currency sound.
McCoach hitches his silver wagon to the prospect of a fiat currency failure.
By removing itself from the gold standard, the Bank of England toiled with the dangers of fiat currency from 1797 to 1821.
Rodriquez Saa said it would maintain the dollar value of the peso but would issue a new, third fiat currency, the argentino.
The Continental was a fiat currency, meaning that it was not backed by gold and silver and was money only by fiat or order of the government.
The global fiat currency system has proven itself a failure, we need real monetary reform.
This lost confidence in fiat currency is not unique to any particular nation.