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Of course I want the library that comes with the native Fibre Channel tape drives.
The FCIA is a nonprofit international organization made up of manufacturers, system integrators, developers, vendors, industry professionals, and end users, all committed to delivering a broad base of Fibre Channel infrastructure technology to support a wide array of applications in the mass storage and IT-based arenas.
Fibre Channel is a carefully considered specification with both protocol and addressing flexibility, with Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL) being the first 8-bit increment in Fibre Channel addressing.
The move to 4 Gbit/s Fibre Channel speeds coincides with the demands by IT professionals for more highly-scalable, versatile, and cost-effective storage systems," said Henry Fabian, Seagate Executive Director, Global Product Marketing.
Moreover, the Fibre Channel physical interface work at 1GHz has become the basis for all the new high speed serial interfaces, including InfiniBand, Gigabit Ethernet, and Serial ATA.
Customers can upgrade to 2Gb Fibre Channel with the simple swap of two modules.
This points to the fact that established storage vendors don't want to talk about the huge dissatisfaction with monolithic, expensive, difficult-to-manage Fibre Channel SAN systems.
The plugfest will also include sessions on 10 Gbit/s Fibre Channel (10GFC) testing which will mainly focus on testing 10GFC fabric switches.
This new market segment for Fibre Channel broadens the discussion to the low-cost volume server market.
Fibre Channel SANs currently run at 2Gbps with 4Gbps and 10Gb/sec (equivalent to 12Gb/sec) ratified by the industry and coming soon, while iSCSI SANs run at 1Gbps.
The Fibre Channel standard continues to evolve to accommodate new innovations in computing such as blade architectures, embedded switches, and multi-protocol SANs.