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Optical Fibre Links" is designed for study by those who are involved in the installation, testing and maintenance of optical fibre links.
Course Aim: After completing this course a trainee will be able to explain the basic principles of optical fibre transmission, describe the passive components of optical links including the construction of internal and external optical cables, connectors and splicing enclosures and carry out and interpret basic test measurements on optical fibre.
Discusses the major fibre types, inlcuding bast fibres
Looks at biodegradable and sustainable fibres as an effective way of reducing the harm disposed textiles have on the environment
Table 1: India: man-made fibre productive capacity, March 2003
Table 4: India: consumption of natural and man-made fibre, 1991/92-2002/03
Supported by research collaborations with technical universities and a cache of 9 international patent families, 6 granted patents and 29 patent applications, Liekki has a strong IP portfolio including both core patents for its nanotechnology process as well as key patents for optical fibres and their applications.
Overall, Liekki's outstanding level of innovation and leadership for technology development in the field of doped optical fibres using nanotechnology-enabled processes underlines the company's selection as the Award recipient," concludes Mr.
Enterprises in the territory covered by the marketing agreement consume in the aggregate an estimated 850,000 tonnes of chrysotile fibre annually.
Frame, Chairman, states that the Cassiar Project is well positioned to supply chrysotile fibre to the emerging markets in South East Asia.
EZ Fibre enables SAN configuration and management in a fraction of the time that it used to take using existing software tools.