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Summary: Officials caught faking tubectomy registrations, entering fictitious names of beneficiaries
A third suspect in the case, Krystin Marrie Livingston, is expected to plead guilty on Monday to a charge of using a fictitious name and address.
The law bars lawsuits by a business using a fictitious name, unless the fictitious business name statement is filed and published.
ABC tells the Department that it uses the names of the insureds and inquires as to whether they should continue to use the insured's names or use a fictitious name.
The Emirate television displayed various banners showing a fictitious name for the Persian Gulf during the match between Iran's Sepahan and the UAE's Al Ain," he said.
We have had residents contacting us who read the latest letter, which went under the fictitious name of Melissa Costa.
We would like to stress, however, that we deliberately gave the area described a fictitious name and all the characters were compos i tes, although, in essence, the anecdotes were based on reality - otherwise there would have been little point in writing the book - but these anecdotes were constructed in a way to preserve confidentiality both of patients and other people.
A Ha'aretz investigation has concluded that "Malik" is a fictitious name used by a right-wing extremist who was once affiliated with Baruch Marzel's Jewish Front party, but was later expelled from it.
I don't know if it was the right name, it may have been a fictitious name.
We looked up Horizant with the Secretary, of State's office and noticed that it goes by the fictitious name Sport Clips.
In such cases, the state statute controlling the use of a fictitious name must be consulted to determine if a remedy exists.