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09) in his condemnation of the person sending letters to the Evening Gazette using fictitious names.
Our man in question uses the fictitious name at his mail box address only for his subscription to the CFR's magazine.
Prosecutor Richard Paull said the defendant created a record of a fictitious member of staff with a fictitious name, address and national insurance number.
Undoubtedly, all of the thieves possess counterfeit identification in a fictitious name so as not to arouse suspicion if a health club employee asks for identification.
On the Kanagawa prefectural police obtaining another arrest warrant for Uomoto on May 27 on suspicion of using a fictitious name to open a bank account in the prefecture in 1982, she said she does not think the action warrants an arrest.
Addictions and Healing in Aboriginal Country establishes a framework for understanding the issues pertinent to Indigenous addictions to alcohol, gunga and gambling and their aftermath in one community, Big River (a fictitious name for a real community).
Crooks have discovered that it is relatively easy to get a completely fictitious name and the accompanying identification that is necessary for the scheme's success.
It's a fictitious name used to show the authenticity of messages.
You might have to register a fictitious name under the Trade Name Registration Act.
They sent in an application for funds under a fictitious name of "Lesbian Mothers of Canada".
It is a bit unusual to give a fictitious name, and I don't know why he is doing it.
The original plan called for Pistone, using the fictitious name of Donnie Brasco, to work undercover for six months.