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In the first victory, which was played at the Clinton Veterans' Athletic Complex, the Gators home field, John McKenna started the game and went 51/3 innings, giving up five hits and one run.
DAVE PRITCHARD scored 34 points over 14 holes at RHOS-ON-SEA to finish three clear of the field, John Brown taking second on a countback from Marcus Wilkes.
Some of my bigger clients would be Lesley Field, John Hales, Alan Peterson, Martin Tedham and Diana Whateley.
With a career that's spanned three decades and touched virtually ever facet of the construction insurance field, John Munson has a wealth of industry knowledge and experience.
With more than 38 years in the research and development field, John Yates has worked mainly in synthetic organic chemistry on a wide variety of areas including dyestuffs and textile auxiliaries as well as pharmaceuticals, photoinitiators and mining chemicals.
In a note to their invaluable volume concerning theatrical wills, Ernst Honigmann and Susan Brock remark on the large number of early modern English actor-playwrights--"Tarlton, Christopher Beeston, Nathan Field, John Honyman, William Bird, John Shank senior, William Rowley.