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With more than 38 years in the research and development field, John Yates has worked mainly in synthetic organic chemistry on a wide variety of areas including dyestuffs and textile auxiliaries as well as pharmaceuticals, photoinitiators and mining chemicals.
In a note to their invaluable volume concerning theatrical wills, Ernst Honigmann and Susan Brock remark on the large number of early modern English actor-playwrights--"Tarlton, Christopher Beeston, Nathan Field, John Honyman, William Bird, John Shank senior, William Rowley.
In the spring of 2001, on the runway at Hayward Field, John Stiegeler won an NCAA championship.
In 1985, when the very existence of Stellafane was in jeopardy with the impending loss of its main camping field, John had a clear vision of the potential of the hilly forestland on the other side of Jordan Road.
Sports Record spoke to two of our game's experts in this field, John MacLean, medical director of the Sports Medicine Centre at Hampden, and Marie- Anne Hayward, widely regarded as the top sports nutritionist expert in the country.
At the other end of the field, John Aloisi could well get the nod ahead of Darren Huckerby.
War, Culture and Society in Renaissance Venice is the more traditionally organised of the two, as a Festschrift offered to one of the great polymaths in the field, John Hale.
Its predecessor in the field, John Harold Wilson's All the King's Ladies (1958), is honourably discharged for being useful but out of date, yet The First English Actresses is hardly in the abrasive avant-garde.