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He's now comparing findings from field studies in Oxnard and Santa Maria, California, done by a university group, to findings he gathers in the laboratory.
I term this approach "regional field studies," because it emphasizes regional similarities between environmental texts and their extra-textual contexts.
This volume summarizes the analytical, laboratory, and field studies performed to evaluate the feasibility of the flat-jack direct stress measurement technique to be used on prestressed concrete bridges.
FOR more details, call Anglian Activity Breaks (tel: 01603 700770); Field Studies Council (tel: 01743 850674); or Acorn Activities (tel: 01432 830083).
At the completion of the field studies, OJP plans to develop a comprehensive, national strategy for discouraging gang activity among young people.
About The School for Field Studies For more than 30 years, The School for Field Studies (SFS), the United States' largest environmental study abroad program for college undergraduates, has combined hands-on, multi-disciplinary environmental studies with scientific research to propose sustainable solutions to critical environmental problems.
Millport s Marine Biological Research Station is reopening under the management of the newly created Field Studies Council Scotland following partnership investment of more than Au4 million.
Field studies have shown a high occurrence of intersex (the presence of both male and female characteristics) and ovotestis (the presence of eggs in the testis) in wild populations of a fish known as roach (Rutilus rutilus) in rivers in the United Kingdom that are downstream from wastewater treatment plants.
The structural and sedimentological aspects of basin analysis are often approached separately in field studies.
Smith, who works at ARS's Beneficial Insects Introduction Research Laboratory in Newark, Delaware, made his finding during field studies in China, the beetle's home country.
Likewise, funding agencies have little interest in supporting field studies designed to isolate and identify new viruses.
The Field Studies Council runs more than 500 courses ranging from portrait painting to fly-fishing and steam railways.