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Their results indicated that winter rye crops seeded in no-till corn-soybean systems when the cash crops were mature have the potential to reduce annual nitrate losses in field drainage by about 43%, or by 18 pounds per acre.
Their results indicate that winter rye crops seeded in not-ill corn/soybean systems when the cash crops were mature have the potential to reduce annual nitrate loss in field drainage by about 43 percent, or by 18 pounds per acre.
When the company started in 1966 one of the first uses for ADS corrugated pipe was in agricultural field drainage systems.
He said: "A purpose-built show pavilion, office block and hospitality facilities have been provided together with a programme of field drainage and these ensure that the society stands in good heart.
NFU Montgomeryshire chairman Edward Chapman, whose farmland has suffered badly this summer, said farmers regularly cleaned out their own field drainage ditches.
Their agricultural background enabled them to understand the importance and need for agricultural field drainage that would improve crop yield.
As part of this effort, Stone and Hunt tackled a significant downside of crop production--the excess nitrate sometimes carried away by field drainage.
His view was that the valley was in a derelict condition from the farming point of view with clogged field drainage, lack of grazing in the valley bottom due to sphagnum moss, brokendown walls and gates, and a lack of local labour to run the farms.
Recent improvements also worth a mention are the new driveway, upgraded garden and field drainage, a new septic tank and soakaway, new Aga kitchen and heating system, satellite and CCTV points and additional telephone line.
This paper presents the theory of the tube tensiometer, an analysis of the theoretical limits to which it must perform to allow implementation of Darcy's Law for measuring deep drainage, and field data that compare the performance of the tube tensiometer with mercury tensiometers in a field drainage experiment.

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