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About SECURE SECURE is a Phase 3, randomized, double-blind, active-control study of 527 adult patients with invasive aspergillosis or other filamentous fungi at multiple sites globally.
Most are effective against Candida, although econazole is more effective against filamentous fungi.
In the case of filamentous fungi, cellular structures were compared with those of known species.
This paper describes the protease screening of 144 isolates of bacteria, yeasts and filamentous fungi isolated from coffee fruit.
Pollen tubes are a model system for cellular tip-growth, a process common to fission yeast, filamentous fungi, the root hairs of plants and nerve cells," said Feijo.
Among microorganisms, filamentous fungi are well recognized for their superior capacities to produce a wide variety of extracellular enzymes, organic acids and other metabolites, and for their capabilities to adapt to severe environmental constraints (Wainwright, 1992).
Among specific topics are the protoplast transformation of filamentous fungi, developing Impala-based transposon systems for tagging genes in filamentous fungi, identifying differently expressed fungal genes in planta by suppression subtraction hybridization, applying laser micro-dissection to study plant-fungal pathogen interactions, measuring protein kinase and sugar kinase activity in plant pathogenic Fusarium species, and evaluating anti-fungal susceptibility using flow cytometry.
Head-to-head comparison of the activities of currently available antifungal agents against 3,378 Spanish clinical isolates of yeasts and filamentous fungi.
The aim of the project at the LACDR is to identify and characterize the antimicrobial compounds/metabolites produced by filamentous fungi, like Penicillium chrysogenum after over-expression of their genome.
Filamentous fungi (blue-staining fungi or wood rotting fungi), yeast, bacteria, and mold on each cookie were scored as present or absent.