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Users can then find and extract target words, values or phrases found inside file paths and common file types such as Microsoft Office(R), PDF, PST, txt, XML, HTML, etc.
It automatically re-maps file paths to ensure that no files are lost after installation.
VideoLaunch allows users to select the specific video file they would like to publish from all of their available options, eliminating the need to memorize or copy lengthy file paths.
The latest update includes enhanced zooming, the ability to browse a file folder with next/previous actions, launch AutoCAD, send a file through e-mail and set reference file paths.
0 enable customer contact center managers and supervisors to create and publish embedded links to URL and UNC file paths as part of the desktop readerboard's message.
In addition, using Legacy Links, TOWER IDM can co-exist with Optika, Eastman, Mobius or any low-end document system that uses simple redirected DOS file paths to shared network servers with drive-letter storage.
Policies can be set up to create Classes of Service based on application types (such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, NNTP or DNS), file types (such as CGI, PDF or JPEG), file paths or file names, and even specific URLs.