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2 include a local file viewer that brings Prizm Content Connect to users' desktops for dozens of supported file types, plus new customizable image stamp annotations and redactions that users can create and modify from customer-loaded image files.
Live Editing The collaborative file viewer allows users to review files without the need to save copies locally on devices.
That's the quality control angle; now let's look at Semaphore as a file viewer.
Note: When looking up a page in the table of contents if you are using the PDF version and reading the computer screen, add 7 to the page number to find the page in your PDF file viewer.
Its built-in file viewer supports image viewing (with thumbnails) of common graphic formats like jpeg, bmp, gif, as well as viewing of txt, MS Word, Excel, html, hex files and more.
This software is available from most document scanner vendors and a simple TIF file viewer (by Wang) has been supplied with the Microsoft Windows operating system.
Excel, Quattro Pro, QuickBooks, and an Excel 2000 spreadsheet file viewer can also be downloaded here.
Image Explorer Pro has an advanced image and video file viewer that lets you examine files individually, create a slide show, and create and view thumbnails.
PC File Viewer, allows users to view desktop PC files on the Mobilon Pro, by opening e-mail attachments including a variety of Microsoft, Corel, Lotus and image file formats.
PC file viewer -- the PC file viewer included with the Solaris operating environment allows customers to view and copy text from PC files.
When the user double-clicks on a particular find, Search Express opens the file in its File Viewer and highlights it.
In addition, the HW300T retains key features available in other LG LED portable projectors such as a built-in file viewer compatible with Microsoft Office's format, making it equally suitable for business applications.