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VILLAIN., An epithet used to cast contempt and contumely on the person to whom it is applied.
     2. To call a man a villain in a letter written to a third person, will entitle him to an action without proof of special damages. 1 Bos. & Pull. 331.

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The foghorn-voiced film villain became a master of crotchety comedy with his Oscar-winning performance in The Fortune Cookie followed by The Odd Couple, Grumpy Old Men and others.
Inspired by the Eastwood classic, writer/director Lee Sang-il (the Japan Academy Prize-winning film Villain, Hula Girls) shifts the setting to Japan in retelling the epic, adapting the Unforgiven screenplay by David Webb Peoples.
HEATH Ledger's role as The Joker has made it into a top 10 poll to find the ultimate film villain.
One of these, Leather Face, might almost be a sketch for a horror film villain - underlining the fact that while Burman's subject matter is unusual and controversial in fine art, it is a thriving genre in cinema and literature.
ROBERT Downey Jr, who has been battling drug addiction, is finding a niche for himself as a film villain.
Gypsy anti-defamation groups could be offended by certain stereotypical portrayals - not to mention film villain Judge Claude Frollo's genocidal persecution of the ethnic group.
Robert Davi, Bond Girls, and Aston Martin Classic Cars -"Secrets and Spies" black-tie gala and silent auction will kick-off the festival on Monday, May 6 with special guest, acclaimed actor and Bond film villain Robert Davi at the Signature Theater in Arlington.
A signed, framed check previously used by film villain, Vincent Price, sold for $180.