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A growing number of financial centres have introduced dedicated green and sustainable initiatives to seize this opportunity.
Clearly financial centres compete, said Nick Robins, Co-Director of the UN Environment Inquiry.
We also have a very successful financial centre in Edinburgh for instance.
At an earlier session, Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said Russia is in the early stages of discussions on setting up an international financial centre in Moscow and large foreign companies will start making initial public offerings at MIFC "within the next three to five years".
Speakers at the event said Moscow must learn from London and be more welcoming to its business partners if it wants to become an international financial centre.
The task force chief expects the financial centre to add significantly to creating a full-fledged regional banking system in Russia.
Speakers said Moscow has already emerged as a successful regional financial centre, boosting trade and economic activities in the country and CIS countries.
Dubai: Growing rapidly as a regional financial centre, Dubai is boosting the emergence of the Gulf region as a prominent centre of activity in the global financial industry, according to a study undertaken by UK-based global research organisation Chatham House.
The study titled 'The Gulf as a Global Financial Centre: Growing Opportunities and International Influence' examines the prospects for the econ-omies of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries and the potential development of the region as a global financial centre.
Abdulrahman Al Shaibi, Managing Director and Board Member, Qatar Financial Centre Authority and H.
The QFC Authority, the commercial arm of the Qatar Financial Centre, jointly hosted the seminar with Luxembourg for Finance.
Abdulrahman Al Shaibi, Managing Director and Board Member, Qatar Financial Centre Authority said: "Qatar and Luxembourg have already established close relations in the financial sector.

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