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There are documented success stories that specifically identify each physician's expected investment in time and capital, ability to capture significant market share and the financial return on their investment.
The marketable timber that remained after the ice storm was removed so it will be years before the town realizes a significant financial return on forest practices there.
Besides an anticipated financial return, VNU said it also hope to obtain early access to new technologies, business opportunities and entrepreneurs.
The more important factors to be considered in determining which place of business is the principal place are the total time that the taxpayer ordinarily spends at each of his business posts, the degree of business activity at each such post and whether the financial return for each post is significant or insignificant; see Rev.
But Intel's strategy is to invest not only for financial return, but perhaps more importantly for strategic reasons.
Although Kiss will be after a gold medal in the Sunday's final, Lange, the throws coach at USC, is seeking a financial return for his countless hours of coaching.
By the growth of their mutual funds, which, in turn, is directly related to the total annual financial return of their funds and the performance of their funds in bull and bear markets.
170A-1(c)(5) states that "[t]ransfers of property to [a charitable organization] which bear a direct relationship to the taxpayer's trade or business and which are made with a reasonable expectation of financial return commensurate with the amount of the transfer may constitute allowable deductions as trade or business expenses rather than as charitable contributions.
170(c) organizations if the taxpayer can show that the donations "bear a direct relationship to the taxpayer's business and are made with a reasonable expectation of a financial return commensurate with the amount of the donation.
An investment table for residential condominium owners shows that a home held for at least five to seven years still provides a steady financial return.
This performance allows a significant financial return to each member while maintaining the sound financial underpinnings of our group.
The report is an invaluable guide to existing and potential network operators to select target markets, customers and services where they have a realistic chance of making a good financial return with WiMAX and to maximise the likelihood of success.
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