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In 2013, revenues from the financing activities of BEH stood at BGN 480.
Apart from financing activities, we will also look at fund raising opportunities in the region," he said.
7 per cent increase in net interest income and income from financing activities.
Third -- Change the title to "operating statement" and other "housekeeping" of financial statements, to include categorizing costs in a more logical "value chain" sequence and aggregating all financial transactions, such as interest and the purchase and sale of securities, as financing activities.
Consistent with the objective of providing uniform guidance, lending and financing activities of insurance companies are included in the scope of this SOP.
31) A different definition of significant financing activities applies if the IE is performing financing activities with respect to leases and licensees.
It is noted that the method of presentation of two lines within the Financing Activities subsection of the cash flow statement was originally reported inconsistently between the two years.
FAS 95 requires that a statement of cash flows should classify cash receipts and payments according to whether they stem from operating, investing or financing activities.
Churchill Financial was formed by Bear Stearns Merchant Banking and Churchill Capital in February 2006 and has over $500 million of initial committed capital to support its financing activities.
QNB Al Islami also succeeded in achieving excellent results during the three months of 2009, with financing activities increasing by 42 per cent to reach QAR 7.
Zimmerman and Dietz said the combined resources of the two companies will allow the joint venture to reduce the cost of equipment financing as well as broaden the company's financing activities for non-medical equipment.