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May we be ready for the finest hours in our lives with the proper attitude.
VINYL TAPPED: Huddersfield songstress Ruby Wood fronts Submotion Orchestra who have just released their debut album titled Finest Hour
Gemma Arterton takes the female lead in Their Finest Hour
A Fund spokesman said Their Finest Hour cooked up a scheme to sell DVDs and books and "stated an intention to donate a proportion of proceeds from sales to the charity".
More than 60 years ago, the finest hour meant putting your life on the line to defend Britain.
It wasn't my blacksmith's finest hour,'' Zito said.
There's not a cat in hell's chance that a man as vain, self-interested and spiteful as Earl Spencer would have missed seeing himself settling a few scores in what was undoubtedly his finest hour.
Still, it's hard to be churlish about a movie that provides Cusack with her finest hour since careering frantically down the hallways in Broadcast News.
I have to conclude it wasn't Chomsky's finest hour.
Horses for courses His finest hour came at Cheltenham but his best days were at Ayr.
Which is odd as its creation was Labour's finest hour.
This has not been the cabinet culture member's finest hour.