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Carkhana offers premium car covers from the renowned brand Fingo for all body sizes.
The gap of the transcendental, which is what is gestured to in the moment of aporetic realization, and which constitutes the axis around which the dancing cat spins, names, then, precisely the distance created by what can only be called fiction (fictum: "the made" < fingo -ere), i.
mi fingo," the two phrases balancing each other at beginning and
4) And in that perspective, the relation to Hume's skepticism and its interpretation of Newton's hypothesis non fingo is explicit--which makes of Maimon, translator of Henry Pemberton's book on Newton, the second remarkable exception (Kant being the first) in a German context rather blind to Newton's tremendous philosophical influence, in particular on Hume.
3) Con el concepto de ficcion (del latin fingo, configuro, doy forma) me refiero a aquella "forma del discurso que hace referencia a personajes y cosas que solo existen en la imaginacion de su autor, y luego en la del lector/espectador" (Pavis, 1998: 206).
The township was ringed by a carnival of ethnic dances put on by thousands of Zulu, Swazi, Venda, Chopi, Baca, Fingo, Hlubi, Tsonga, Tswana, Sotho, Ndebele, Pedi, Zingili, Lobedu, and Karanga warrior ensembles.
Por ello, el fenomeno del arte es crucial en la percepcion nietzscheana: Fingo ergo sum.
Tra eu bod nhw'n edrych i lawr eu trwynau ar weithgareddau fel y loteri, rasio ceffylau, y pyllau p l-droed neu fingo, maen nhw wedi bod yn ddigon parod i drefnu rafflau i godi pres i drwsio to'r festri neu i dalu am wibdaith y chwiorydd i'r Wybrnant.
the government, being jealous of the rising strength of the Fingo had
Nam et cum recolo Carthaginis moenia quae vidi, et cum fingo Alexandriae quae non vidi, easdemque imaginarias formas quasdam quibusdam praeferens, rationabiliter praefero.
Fingo also faces other problems, like gathering enough money to buy the lights, getting a permit from the city and dealing with people's objection to the idea.