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I remember poring over passages in The Silmarillion trying to puzzle out why the designers did what they did; why, for example, they made Fingon 120 th level with an Offensive Bonus of 495 and his cousin Maedhros only 105th level with an Offensive Bonus of 460?
Echoing the death of Fingon, on that day Marquette's banners, blue and gold, were trodden into the mire of the quarterback's blood
Manwe sends eagles to answer the prayer of Fingon, an elf whose friend is trapped upon Morgoth's fortress (Sil.
Appendix EDCI 596 Student Comprehensive Exam Exit Survey ([c] Fingon, Ulanoff, & Beltran, 2004) Quarter entered program -- 1.
Fingon, and Delores Beltran present the findings from their study focused on case-based methodology as a means for understanding reading teachers' knowledge of culturally and linguistically diverse urban contexts.
She does not want to visit her brother Fingon as suggested by Turgon; she wants instead to seek her male friends--the tempestuous sons of Feanor.
Therefore, Fingon severed the hand itself, but "Maedhros in time was healed; for the fire of life was hot within him, and his strength was of the ancient world" (110).