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In order to defeat his fire ball players must plant Ice Shroom in the same row.
A US Army servicemen, referred to as C for security reasons, told the hearing in Trowbridge, Wilts: "I saw a fire ball come from the ground at about 45 degrees.
PC Ian Cole, from Bromsgrove police, said: "Obviously it is unacceptable to fire ball bearings at a dog.
The fake weapons, which look like real guns, fire ball bearing pellets and have caused safety concerns following a series of incidents across the region.
However, the true intentions of Mohammed Shabir and Shabir Hussain were to convert them into weapons which could fire ball bearings with deadly force.
Doumen, whose other royal horse is Fire Ball, says: "I chatted with Her Majesty earlier this week about Jim And Tonic, who she thought was unlucky when second on soft ground in the Lockinge.
There were really big flames going off and at one point the roof collapsed and it sent a big fire ball into the sky.
On a rain-soaked pitch in a biting wind, Charlie Johnson, Jack Mcgrath and captain Alex Wray controlled the game, winning every ball that came out before distributing it to the wings for Marcus Liddle and Josh Towers to fire ball after ball into the box.
But amazingly none of the riders were injured by the high-speed fire ball.
Ballistics experts later revealed the weapon had been modified to fire ball bearings.
They can, in fact, fire ball bearings or plastic pellets with force.