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Experts have asserted that the fireballs aren't more numerous than normal, but their appearance and trajectory are odd.
This suggests the fireball was possibly a fragment of rock that broke off an asteroid or comet as it passed near Earth's orbit.
These fireball data together with astronomical observations of larger near-Earth asteroids define the nature of the impact hazard and allow rational planning to deal with this issue," he said.
The units dramatically reduce blast pressures, instantly extinguish the fireball within 4 milliseconds, all while maintaining complete structural integrity.
Many thousands of fireballs burn up in the Earth's atmosphere every day, and many fall unnoticed during daylight hours or into oceans, he added.
Reports are coming in of a daylight fireball, visible between about 12:40 and 12:45 pm on Saturday, 19th December 2009.
People in the Marsden area not only saw the fireball, which was as bright as a billion-watt light bulb, but they also heard and smelled it.
Stornoway Coastguard was hit by 999 calls after a bright fireball was seen plunging from the sky over the Hebrides.
Bill Cooke of NASA's Meteoroid Environmental Office said it "looks to be a fireball that moved roughly toward the southeast, going on visual reports," reported Associated Press.
This time he observed the bright fireball live on screen while recording a webcam video, and Chris Go in the Philippines also captured it on his video simultaneously.
Another man set himself ablaze in Switzerland, bringing the total of human fireballs to eight.
In RHIC fireballs, densities soared to at least 20 times that of ordinary nuclei--or at least 50 percent denser than CERN reported, says RHIC physicist John W.